Monday, January 14, 2008

Who brings the "Change"?

The most recent poll I've posted, "Who do you feel has been most effective in bringing about positive cultural change?" has been overwhelmingly one sided as expected. So why is it that we often look to government or big business for "change"? We're already drowning in tax credits and subsidies as it is. While much of big business has a fiduciary duty to perform in the best financial interest of their stock holders.

Couldn't passionate activists and even consumers bring about more positive change on their own?

It's my opinion that we send our earned income to Washington D.C. for the corporate lobbyist to fight over. Whether it's dumping our money into both dirty and clean, renewable energy or giving our earned income to competing countries in the Middle East, it's not working!

If each one of us was able to keep more of our earned income we'd be able to make even more effective changes ourselves and accumulate more stability and family wealth. Have the opportunity to start a non-profit, join and participate in an activist group, even just consume more responsibly or have the time to raise your own children instead of the Federal Government School Curriculum.

"The key to fixing our education system is to reduce the role of the federal government and expand local and parental control of schools. Funding decisions increasingly have been controlled by bureaucrats in Washington, causing public and even some private schools to follow the dictates of these federal “educrats” to an ever-greater degree to preserve their funding. As a result, curricula, teacher standards, textbook selection, and discipline policies have been crafted in Washington. Rigorous classes in basics such as mathematics, grammar, science, Western civilization, and history have been reduced or eliminated, while politically favored subjects have been forced upon students." read more...
- Dr. Ron Paul, Presidential Candidate

Of course we'd need the sort of leadership to go along with it. Honestly informing us about the responsibilities we have as both United States Citizens and Humans. Not encouraging consumers to purchase vehicles over a specified weight limit for a better tax write off would be a fun start, wouldn't you say?

Give the people more financial power and responsibility to shape their own communities and country.

Written by, Evan T. Little

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