Monday, January 14, 2008

Sustainable Consuming 101

Be an advocate for what you believe in with every purchase you can. Not everyone can afford a massive solar panel array for their home or a fancy Tesla Roadster. However, we can all ask questions that have the potential to raise awareness amongst service and product vendors. Where is it from? How is it made? What happens from cradle to cradle?

Ruby's Diner is now offering organic milk with no added cost and they won't even serve the other stuff to children anymore. Chipotle Mexican Grill offers free range, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed pork and is working towards the same with their chicken and beef in as many locations as the market will bare. There are much healthier, more sustainable places to find a meal in Orange County, CA like any of the restaurants listed on this blog, but I want to point these out because they're large, national chains. Many of their clients are oblivious to the danger their diet may impose upon their health, on that of the environment or the terrible life of a corn fed cow who's been pumped with antibiotics since the day it was born. Don't feel bad for the livestock we eat? Watch this video if you can stomach it...

Fun fact from Chipotle's web-site:
"American pork producers use 10 million pounds of antibiotics per year to keep their confinement raised pigs from getting sick. That’s more than an estimated three times the amount used to treat all human illnesses. " Read more...

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