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Parks, Centers and Open Spaces

Crystal Cove State Park - web-site

Caspers Wilderness Park - web-site
An 8,000 acre protected wilderness preserve nestled among the river terraces and sandstone canyons of the western coastal Santa Ana Mountains. The park's many fertile valleys are overtly complemented by specimen groves of native Coastal Live Oak and magnificent stands of California Sycamore. These areas are further accentuated by seasonal wildflower displays and running streams. Wildlife is abundant and can be readily viewed from any of the parks numerous trails.

William R. Mason Regional Park - web-site
The fourth park to open under the county master plan of regional parks. The park encompasses 345 acres of open spaces, grassy knolls, a 9 acre lake and natural areas. Generous plantings of trees offer shade and beauty throughout the park.

Upper Newport Bay - web-site
Represents approximately 1,000 acres of open space. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve surrounds the Ecological Reserve. The park includes the Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve totals approximately 140 acres. The Nature Preserve is made up of the bluffs surrounding the Bay. Three sensitive species use the bluffs: The California Gnatcatcher, San Diego Cactus Wren, and Burrowing Owl. Two important plant communities are found on the bluffs - grasslands and coastal sage scrub. Upper Newport Ecological Reserve totals 752 acres. This coastal wetland, one of the largest in southern California , is renowned as one of the finest bird watching sites in North America. During winter migration up to 35,000 birds may be using the Bay at one time. It is home to six rare or endangered species: Light Footed Clapper Rail, Brown Pelican, Belding's Savannah Sparrow, Black Rail, Peregrine Falcon and California Least Tern. The Bay is home to one endangered plant species - Saltmarsh Bird's Beak. Considered a "critical estuary" habitat - Upper Newport Bay is one of the most pristine remaining estuaries in Southern California.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park - web-site
Lies within some of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California. The park ecosystem is primarily Coastal Sage Scrub, with Maritime Chaparral, Oak Woodlands, Riparian habitats, and the ONLY natural lakes in Orange County. The park is also enrolled in the Natural Community Conservation Planning program designed to protect various endangered species (California Gnatcatcher, Cactus Wren, Orange-Throated Whiptail) by preserving large tracts of the rapidly diminishing coastal sage ecosystem.

Enirvonmental Nature Center - web-site

Shipley Nature Center - web-site

Fullerton Arboretum - web-site

Quail Botanical Gardens - web-site

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden - web-site

Monterey Bay Aquarium - web-site

Pacific Marine Mammal Center - web-site

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary - web-site

Nature Reserve of Orange County - web-site

Parks are Priceless - web-site

Harbors, Beaches and Parks - web-site

CA State Parks Foundation
- web-site

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