I've started a new web-site, and will rarely post on this blog from now on. As fun as it's been to post about all sorts of random, green related issues and products, I no longer have the time to and I'm tired of fielding calls and emails from people who think I sell solar systems or install landscaping. So I've decided to narrow my audience to what I do professionally with this new site. Hope you enjoy it!

If there's interest, I'm open to adding authors to this blog in order to keep fresh content coming.

Evan T. Little

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Business Services

Village Green - web-site
Believes that by developing renewable energy, improving existing power generating methods, and improving overall energy efficiency, the global community can achieve higher living standards without destroying our environment.


Green Is Good - web-site
We help companies approach sustainability as a business opportunity. As a market leader, you understand your markets and have the expertise to succeed. We help your company and employees unleash their 'inner green' to lower costs, increase revenues, and become an employer of choice. We engage with your team, from CEO to factory worker, to identify sustainability best practices which will complement your overall strategy.

Nature Lakes - web-site
An environmentally-friendly company, is dedicated to maintaining man-made lakes, ponds, streams and waterways without the use of any chemicals. Just like nature intended!


The Green Recruiter
- web-site
Long Beach, CA

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