Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My toilet and I. The water saving story.

You may or may not have heard of people filling up plastic bottles with water and sticking them into the toilet tank to conserve water. It's pretty easy. Took me a minute and I now save 1 liter of water with each flush. I couldn't see any difference in the force of the flush with one less liter of water either.

At first, i just laid the bottle next to the float ball. "That's the ticket", I announced to myself with much pride. During the first trial run, the bottle sank with the water level and everything appeared to be going swell. Then, all of the sudden it happened... the Aquafina bottle got jammed between the flapper valve and valve seat. Panic set it in immediately while wasted water spilled out of the toilet system. I remember saying something like, "oh no, this isn't good". I regained my composure and picked up the bottle. After some careful calculations I decided to place the bottle vertically where you see it in the picture below. A 2nd test was conducted. Success! The bottle hardly moved and one liter of water was saved without compromising the efficiency of the toilets flush.

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I urge you all to save water and money with this technique.
It's fun and much like an adventure into the unknown.

If you're shopping for a new toilet, there are more efficient models available today and even models that allow you to select how powerful of a flush you need at a given time. As we all know, certain situations may require a little more convincing then others.

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