Saturday, October 11, 2008

Formula One to Develop "green" technologies

While both Obama and McCain drag on about "Clean Coal", Nuclear Power and drilling offshore being a smart idea for the United States and the World, the Formula One industry is driving towards real CHANGE and advances in "green" technologies.


In a sport that requires millions and millions of whatever currency is still viable and where you need a country to sponsor your team just to race, it's no surprise that Formula One is responsible for many techologies that we all use today. Next year during the 2009 season, teams and the Fromula One industry will be incentivised to run more efficiently and be encouraged to develop new, "green" technologies that can benefit consumers around the world.


"The Make Cars Green campaign aims to reduce the impact of motoring on the environment in a number of ways, such as through the promotion of fuel efficient driver behaviour; the introduction of new technologies to help motorists monitor their environmental impact; the improvement of tyre design to help save energy; and by encouraging the global use of unleaded and sulphur free fuels. The FIA Formula One World Championship will take a lead in this when in 2009 hybrid devices called KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) will be introduced. These devices can store energy under braking and re-use that energy for acceleration. It is the first in a number of initiatives set to make the sport more road relevant and environmentally sustainable."


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spadamchrist said...

After Fernando Alonso took his second victory in a row today at the Japanese Grand Prix driving for the Renault team, there are a lot of people asking him if the results have influenced his decision on what team he will join next year. At the last race, Alonso said that it had not, but that his priority had always been to stay with Renault if things moved in the right direction.