Thursday, August 14, 2008

2008 EcoBroker Convention

July 16th and 17th, EcoBroker held their 5th annual Green Real Estate Convention in Denver, CO. The convention included presentations from motivational speaker Terry Watson and "green" living advocate and television personality Sara Snow. Panel discussions ranged from "greening" local MLS systems to "green" financing. The conference also included a reasonably sized group of venders for the expo and plenty of opportunities for agents to mingle with one another.

The two days were packed! Attendants were kept very busy with all of the presentations and I could have gone for more time to network and exchange ideas with other "green" real estate agents from all around North America.

The expo was comprised of almost entirely comprised of companies local to Denver and coming from Southern California, it's easy to take something like a "green" expo for granted. The majority of agents I spoke with had never had the opportunity to experience a "green" expo of any sort in their region.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of speakers, panel discussions and how much I was able to get out of meeting with so many other agents. I was most pleased by, surprisingly, the representative of Countrywide, Dave Porter. During the "green" financing panel discussion Mr. Porter became overwhelmed with his frustration in his struggles to deliver a good "green" financing program. It was refreshing to see a representative of a large financial institution like Countrywide who really gets what "green" is all about.

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