Thursday, May 15, 2008

Community Gardens are Fun

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Some months ago I accidentally drove bye one of two community gardens in Costa Mesa. I'd seen community gardens on TV shows before, but didn't realize that such a resource existed outside of larger, urban cities like Chicago or New York.

After a little asking around I was directed to speak with Ruth A. Raheb, Recreation Supervisor for the City of Costa Mesa. She's quick to return phone calls and awfully friendly when discussing community gardens. So finally! I got all the answers as to how these community gardens work.

UPDATE (2/3/2009) Since posting this, Costa Mesa's community gardens have become overrun with residents interested in having a gardening plot. Their waiting list has grown long enough that they're no longer accepting applications. I've updated my interest list so that there's a "Community Garden" check box. As I hear about new gardens or anything related to our communit gardens, I'll let you know. Click here to sign-in.

Financial cost to members:
Currently, both Costa Mesa Residents and Non-residents may apply for a gardening parcel. The cost, as of May 2008, is $30 for Costa Mesa Residents and $60 for Non Costa Mesa Residents. There is also a $20 key deposit and Community Garden Bylaws that must be followed.

Rules and regulations:
The City of Costa Mesa provides a water source, gate key, parking area, port-a-potty and trash containers as needed. Everything else must be provided by yourself. Best of all the bylaws is that NO CHEMICALS OR CHEMICAL PRODUCTS are allowed.

There are many other rules that must be followed. Such as all crops grown are for personal consumption or gifts, no illegal plants, etc, etc...

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O.C. Community Garden locations I'm aware of:
I've added both Costa Mesa Community Garden locations to my OC GREEN MAP and will search other Orange County Cities as time allows. Please post a comment on this blog or contact me if you're aware of any others.

If you already have a community garden parcel or are thinking of getting one and would be interested in organizing edible garden or native plant workshop(s) to help educate your community, please contact me.

Contact your City and see if one exists, how to join or what it would take to get one started!

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Meg said...

Do you have her contact info? I would love to apply to get a plot. Thanks.

scott brown said...

I am going to be starting a community garden in Capo Beach this summer. I want it to be based around the idea of permaculture but also grow fruit and vegetables as well. I do not know much about planting but I am willing to learn. I am wondering if anyone is interested in helping me out with this garden. I have a lot that my neighbor is allowing me to use, I just need some like minded people that know about gardening or want to participate in the community garden. Feel free to reply to this message or give me a call at 949 378 9571. By the way my name is Scott, look forward to hearing from everyone.

The Harvest Club said...

A group of Huntington Beach residents started a Harvest Club this year and we are interested in creating a community garden in our city as well. I justed looking into the logistics and came across your great site. I guess our next step is to contact our city council members and propose a project and/or location? Any suggestions? Please contact: