Thursday, March 6, 2008

An Eco-Friendly Car wash?

Yeah, that's right. Eco-friendly in more ways then you may be ready for.

Here in Orange County we don't have enough rain water or local mountain springs to sustain our not so efficient population and lifestyle. I've heard that as much as 30% of the counties municipal electric bill is spent pumping needed water to us from other states. I'll get to the bottom of that sooner or later, but for now, it's obvious that there's a lot of waste and old school thinking going on.
This new car washing company uses 1 pint of water to wash an entire car. Yes! One Pint. That's one Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, one glass of beer or two cups of coffee. Quite a bit better than the estimated 782 pints of water that an average car wash needs to get the job done, don't you agree?

While Orange Countians happily drive about their beautiful county, thinking how fortunate they are to live here, they're unknowingly picking up all sorts of hazardous particles on their vehicles. So next time the vehicle is washed or one of our many rain showers roll in, these hazardous elements are washed off our cars and into our groundwater, sewer system or even the ocean.

ProntoWash uses micro fiber clothes to capture the undesirables. The clothes are professionally cleaned and the hazardous compounds are properly mitigated.

Environmentalists should be putting their money where their mouth is with this one. Consumer power is the easiest tool we have to bring change.

Another thing I find sustainable and pretty cool about this new car washing company is it's ability to integrate into existing infrastructure. No longer do we need large car wash facilities. They've plagued our cities for long enough!! Have you seen ProntoWash in the parking garages of the Irvine Spectrum yet? Using existing spaces in this fashion frees up more space in our county and offers a more valuable service to us all. Drop your car off and take care of some shopping, dinning, movie watching or hit the office to earn some illegal tender.

For those who doubt the ability to clean a car with one pint of water, some clothes and eco-friendly cleaning solutions... Try it for yourself!! I did and I don't plan on sitting around any outdated, dirty, water hogging car wash stations again.

Visit Opie Lopansri, Irvine Spectrum Franchise Owner

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Julio Torres said...

That's definitely cool, but Green Shine Mobile in Tustin will open next month and offer residents a TOTALLY waterless wash: