Monday, February 18, 2008

Water Flouridation

Over the last year, I've heard about the water fluoridation scandal. I've heard there's no positive gain for having it in our water. I've heard it's a hazardous byproduct of manufacturing and industrial industries. That it's all a big scam to make money. No big surprise. For anyone who saw 60 minutes report about Bayer's Trasylol, it's easy to realize that nearly anything is possible. The city I live in does not currently add fluoride into it's drinking water and I assure you that the city could afford such a luxury if it was desired. Does your city add fluoride to the water you drink? - Evan

Written by, Evan T. Little

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nyscof said...

Take Action to End Fluoridation

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that video. This is a very real health issue, and for years people like this Dr. have been trying to bring it to the attenion of Americans--it seems we have an attention deficeit disorder.