Saturday, September 15, 2007

Battling junk mail - credit card applications

These days, I enjoy receiving credit card applications from the banks that are aimed at enslaving me. Inside the envelopes I receive, the credit card institution have conveniently included a pre-paid postage return envelope. I simply tear off the section showing my contact information on the opening letter and write, "remove my address". The bulk mail they use is much cheaper then using first class stamps. I know, I've used the same services. However it still accounts for a significant amount of their expenses and if this became a trend, it could have a massive impact on their ability to market in this fashion.

Also, I write down information about important causes on the return envelope. I like to think that someone in the mail department or perhaps an employee of the credit card company will take note of my message and share it with others.

However you do it, I guarantee you'll enjoy dropping the pre-paid return envelope back in the mail box, knowing you've just cut into the pockets of the credit card institutions.

Written by, Evan T. Little

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