Sunday, August 26, 2007

My "Green" Orange from Orange County, CA

What's a CSA?

Farms like to describe CSA (Community Supported Agricultural) as a partnership between a food grower and a food consumer. Generally the partnership is between a local organic farm and a community of supporters that together wish to preserve the agricultural life and heritage of their community as well as guarantee for themselves a reliable, healthy and safe source of food.

CSA’s were originally created by a group of food consumers who were concerned about their food's safety. They were striving to avoid the ambiguity and uncertainty of how or where their foods were grown. Thus the CSA was born! And now you too can know with certainty where and how your food is grown.

Members may receive a basket of seasonal organic foods once a week or bi-weekly. Members may to pick up the basket from the farm or the nearest drop-off location.

Reasons to purchase produce locally:
  • Farmer Stability - Most farmers are the last ones to be paid and often they aren't sure how much they will profit dealing with conventional produce brokers until months after their produce has been shipped. CSAs offer farmers stability as they are a guaranteed sale and usually much more profitable. Thus, job stability and wages for those who work local farms are also increased.
  • Open Spaces - Supporting local farms by participating in CSA programs will increase a given farms revenue, bettering their chance of not being swallowed up by an excessive real estate developer. This helps to sustain local agricultural open spaces.
  • Produce Quality - Produce from local farms was regulated by local agencies. Not large scale Federal or International bodies which we have little control over. Also, you can visit the local farm where your produce was grown.
  • Fresh Produce - Produce purchased through CSA programs are often picked within a day or two of receiving them. Your produce will have the ability to stay fresher, longer then the Australian orange purchased from your local grocery store that spent days in who knows what kind of transit.
  • Reducing Carbon Emissions - Many produce products are shipped to your local grocery store from around the world. Much of this transit is by airplane. The wasted energy and carbon emissions produced by this transit can be eliminated.

Written by, Evan T. Little

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